François-Paul Friday and a post card from Monte Carlo

Today I’m visiting the Arte Monte Carlo Exhibition and stopping by the F.P. Journe Booth. Lucas and Cyril from FPJ  Paris are here with FP (somewhere). I just asked them to to join us and give me a hand with our weekly tradition - so here you are. Jump in and says hi. Post your FPJ watch 😊 

Wish you all a happy weekend 



holdemchamp1225 July 16th, 2021-15:21
What the? Are you in MC at the moment Christian? Why didn't you tell me in advance? We could have arranged a mini GTG with some local collectors I know and I would have made it a priority to come down 🙈🙉🙊 Super wrist shot on any case. Say hi to Lucas and Cyril for me 😁
ChristianDK July 16th, 2021-17:07
Ah, I didn’t know. Next time for sure.. When I’m in Paris next time you can be sure I will let you know Lucas said hi! See you my friend.
holdemchamp1225 July 16th, 2021-17:24
Shame Christian, I was planning to come down to my villa in Mougins and then MC tomorrow but changed plans last minute and will be down on Monday instead. Will you still be around? If so, we can have lunch together at my golf club 😉👍 Please tell Luca that I will be in Paris Saturday the 24th so will try and come see him at the boutique 😉👍🙏. And there is a little secret I want to share with you as well but that would have to be in private 😁
Daandeluxe July 16th, 2021-16:07
Enjoy the weekend ! It looks like you’re gonna have a great one! My weekend starts of with some homemade diner for friends, and some wine and Champagne of course 🔥 I just hope we don’t run out of rosé 😂 ... 
ChristianDK July 16th, 2021-17:12
We really have to meet one day for a dinner, You really know the good things. I hope you will have a great time with your friends. Nothing is better than sharing a good meal with friends. (And great watch as cherry on top) HAGWE
shafran July 16th, 2021-16:37
Looks like fun! Unfortunately my journe is stuck being serviced since April. I miss it
ChristianDK July 16th, 2021-17:14
Ah, sorry to hear. I hope you are reunited soon. I have my CS for service as well. I miss it terribly. Hope you have a great weekend
EdTonkin July 16th, 2021-19:13
This is honor of FP Journe Friday. Christian I hope you stopped by the casino and won enough to buy another Journe . . . if you can find one:) ! Have a great weekend and safe travels.   ... 
EdTonkin July 16th, 2021-19:14
Sorry for quick and poor photo 
M4 July 16th, 2021-22:51
What a watch! The jade dial is killer. 

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Francois Paul Friday..,wishing you a happy weekend

As you probably guessed from this picture I’m on vacation. We just relocated to the amazing beaches on the danish west coast. I’ve dressed up my CB with this yellow strap inspired by our very dear member MadDruid. Thank you for the inspiration, Mike! Have a great weekend guys.

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