Francois-Paul Friday…. It is time….

For Journe wristshots, weekend and wine….

Ok - not all will be fun, as I will have to work quite a lot this weekend. Luckily I’m having dinner with the gang (old study mates) tomorrow night…. 

What are your plans?

Wishing you all a happy weekend 


Trying the blue strap today to suit my winter blues…

Journe1304 November 19th, 2021-15:19
Posted this already, but… no plans for the weekend, as I enjoyed a great night out during the week. Although they lost, it was great to see the Knicks along with a crowd at Madison Square Garden that was really pumped up. And I was pumped up to wear this to the game… ... 
ChristianDK November 19th, 2021-16:31
So cool! Enjoy Your weekend nonetheless 👍🤗 
Moka-Tiger (Ron) November 19th, 2021-16:04
Aaah, don't feel blue with a FP Journe on your wrist ;-) It looks great! Even in winter. Enjoy the weekend and dinner.
ChristianDK November 19th, 2021-16:33
Aaah, Thanks, MT. It’s so dark here you can see the luminosity of the dial even if the picture is taken I broad daylight. Have a great weekend buddy
ChristianDK November 19th, 2021-20:06
Avatar November 19th, 2021-17:52
Hi Christian, beautiful blue strap you have there… Christian, I feel like I’ve done my share of posting this week and don’t want to overdo it but of course I’m wearing the Resonance, I simply cannot take it off. Our weekend is preparing for our Wednesday trip to Aguascalientes Mexico to visit our in-laws ... 
ChristianDK November 19th, 2021-18:56
Me want! Oh Wow Jim. I’m totally seduced by this piece. Back and front! Interesting how it looks like the bezel is narrow despite being the 42 mm. As we discussed, this one was designed with the 42 case and then fitted for the 40 mm. Reverse of how FP has done in the past. Have a wonderful weekend and please post this one a l... 
Avatar November 23rd, 2021-05:31
Christian, I’m a little confused… By your post, if it was designed for the 42mm then what is the 40mm?. Honestly I love the 42mm but if I could order it again I would do the 40mm, the 42mm fits fine but seems a little big on my 6.75 Wrist? (I’m getting old) . It’s not that it is too big b... 
ChristianDK November 23rd, 2021-08:02
Hi Jim... I see my reply had some iphone spell check nonsense in it. Ive corrected that. .... It simply means that when FP designed the watch, he used the 42 mm case as he felt this was the better proportion for the watch. In the 40 mm case you get exactly the same... 
Avatar November 24th, 2021-00:55
Thanks Christian… The information you provided is very helpful. I didn’t realize the watch was designed at 42mm but if Mr. Journe thought that was the correct size and it is the most popular then I did well . The thickness may be more than the former models and if so would... 

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