Hands on review of the Glashütte Original Senator Chronograph "The Capital Edition" in PG

The Glashüte Original Senator Chronograph "The Capital Edition" is a watch released in the context of a limited series featuring three different case materials. It is available in 5 pieces in platinum, 25 in rose gold and 100 in steel. It bears this name because it was unveiled during the last edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (aka the Berlinale). This is a pure aesthetic evolution of an existing model from the permanent collection, the Senator Chronograph Date Panorama.


As its name suggests it, this watch combines a flyback chronograph and a large date display using the usual Glashütte Original system based on two concentric rings of figures. But that's not all: a very discreet display of the power reserve is housed in the sub-dial of the second hand, on the left side of the dial. I really like the very rational organization (I could say very Germanic) of the dial which locates in the upper part the chronograph displays and in the lower part the date display. The minute counter, the most useful for a chronograph, is located on the right side of the dial. Two Roman numerals, at the top and at the base of the dial, bring a more refined and elegant touch to the watch while preventing it from falling into a too austere design. In any case, the whole exudes a sense of balance thanks to the size of the two main sub-dials. The diameter of the case is generous (42mm) but the good spread of the displays on the dial allows the watch to keep this feeling of harmony.


The Senator Chronograph Date Panorama is powered by the 37-01 in-house automatic movement with a 4hz frequency and a power reserve of 70 hours. This movement is very efficient thanks to its long power reserve, the good winding efficiency and the very nice use of the pushers. Its finish is excellent for the price segment and although its architecture is not as impressive as that of the 96-01 movement (the whole is less open and therefore leaves fewer possibilities to push further the decorative finish), it it is nonetheless very enjoyable to observe. I would have appreciated, however, as it happens regularly with Glashütte Original, that the winding mass offers a more rewarding visual rendering. Certainly, the rotor hollowed out with the double-G and the peripheral gold zone are well made but I do not find them particularly attractive. A matter of personal taste surely.


The 3 Senator Chronograph  "The Capital Edition" watches are distinguished by their dials that highlight the capabilities of the internal dial manufacture, located in Pforzheim. Two types of dial are proposed in the context of the limited series. The first dial is a silvered one and bears the name "Dry Silver". It is dedicated to the very exclusive platinum version. I have unfortunately not been able to discover this dial in the real life but it seems to propose a very interesting combination between the silvery reflections and the blue graduations of the sub-dials. The second dial, designed for the steel and rose gold versions, offers a very different tone. It is much darker and warmer than the previous one. In any case, it appears to be very faithful to what its name "Bourbon Gray" suggests. Indeed, it moves constantly between  "bronze" or "cognac" renderings and a much more gray appearance. The multiple color reflections it creates make the watch very special and much more original than the original versions with black varnished or silver-grained varnished dials. The other side of the coin is that in certain light conditions, the dial is less readable because the reflections disturb the contrast between the  hands of the subdials and the dial background.


Despite this issue, the Senator Chronograph "The Capital Edition" is very attractive and particularly in its pink gold version that I could test. The "Bourbon Gray" dial blends perfectly with the color of the case and of the peripheral scale and numerals. It brings a touch of originality and fantasy to a very rigorous and rational watch what is an excellent point for me. And the strengths of the basic model are still present like the efficiency of the movement and the dial lay-out.

Once again, Glashütte Original offers us a successful limited edition thanks to the work of its Pforzheim dial manufacture. I almost regret that the permanent collection is not more daring on this point. Today, the market demands more risk-taking and daring options. The commercial success of these limited series with alternative dials proves it.

The dial rendering changes a lot according to the light conditions:


Thanks to the team at the Glashütte Original boutique in Paris - rue de la Paix.

+ a harmonious dial lay-out
+ the efficiency of the 37-01 movement
+ the finish of the movement
+ the spectacular rendering of the "Bourbon Gray" dial

- the case is a bit too thick (14mm)
- the legibility in certain light conditions, disturbed by the reflections of the dial

MRA March 5th, 2018-21:44
Great post & thanks for the real life pics  
Tony.A. March 6th, 2018-06:36
Many thanks for the review! Now we know some more about this watch👍
MTF March 6th, 2018-06:50
Rose gold with grey and blue dial is uncommon FrX, Thanks for the extra notes about this watch. It is not common to have rose gold case with grey dial. Usually we are offered black dial with rose gold case by German watchmakers. The usual combination is rose gold case with black dial and a brown leat... 
Marcus Hanke March 28th, 2018-07:48
A great presentation of a beautiful watch! I assume the hands are equipped with luminous substance? Marcus

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