WatchProSite Challenge: Fantasy GPHG 2022

In America, we have a little game called "Fantasy Football" and basically it goes like this...  You predict which team will win the National Football League.  Some people even go deeper, choosing their players and determining what each player scores and tabulates them.  Using computer recorded statistics of the performance of all the players, you can determine if your dream team would win or not.  The winner sometimes is given bragging rights, and some winners have been even given consulting jobs within the sports industry. 

To celebrate the 2022 Edition of GPHG, and its inclusion of an all new category - a Mechanical Clock Category - I've decided it'd be fun to start a friendly Fantasy GPHG competition.  For the 2022 Edition of GPHG, you're going to think of yourself as a GPHG juror.  Out of each of the GPHG categories, you will determine which one you think will win. 

The member(s) who gets the most correct will win bragging rights.  We haven't decided if there will be a prize, but there will definitely be bragging rights.  This is our inaugural season after all.  

Please study the list of finalists (link below) and declare your winner of each category and your winner of the show. 

Here are the rules...
1.  As per GPHG rules, the winner of the show isn't usually a winner of a category.  For example last year, the winner of the show was the Bulgari Octo Finissimo, but Bulgari wasn't the winner of any specific category. 
2a.  In the event we have multiple winners with the same set of chosen watches, we will determine whomever submitted their choices first as the winner.  But only if the winner submitted his/her selections ahead by 7 days.  If the two or more winners submitted within seven days of the first winner, then we will consider it a year with more than one winner! 
2b.  You don't need to score a 100% to win, as whomever has the highest percentage wins.  If there are two people with the same percentage and one of them has chosen the Aguille d'Or correctly and the other did not, the one who chose the correct Aguille d'Or will be considered the winner. 
3.  You must make a selection in every category and an overall show winner.  If you don't, you forfeit your potential choice and it is counted against you. 
4.  You can only make one selection per category.  If you mention more than one, only the first one you mention will count. 
5.  Please feel free to explain your choices!  The rationale behind your choice is always welcome! 
6.  Hint: Try to recognize new technology and new ingenious manufacturing methods, historical ground breaking technology, and embrace new technology with real/practical benefits.  This is what judges are looking for. 
7.  We recognize entries up to the final 3 days before the show.  Thus, please submit your selection by 07-November-2022 23:59:59 GMT.  Many thanks. 
8.  Entrants must be WatchProSite members please. 
9.  Official jurors of the GPHG are unfortunately privied to inside information and thus have an unfair advantage.  Thus, please avoid playing if you are one of the jurors in the upcoming competition. 
10.  Most important rule: have fun! 

Please copy and past the following as your worksheet.  And please paste your predictions in the thread below!  Good luck! 

2022 GPHG Winners
Aguille d'Or:
Ladies' Complication:
Men's Complication:
Calendar & Astronomy:
Mechanical Exception:
Artistic Crafts:
Petite Aiguille:
Mechanical Clock (new category):

Happening to be sitting in the front row wearing an Octo Finissimo when to my surprise the Octo Finissimo won the 2021 GPHG.  Surprise! 

To great surprise, the CIGA Designs watch entitled BLUE PLANET was the winner of the Challenge prize.  This lovely lady in lavender accepted the award on the behalf of CIGA's Chairman. 


Max Busser, no stranger on the GPHG stage, gets an award for the MB&F LMX! 

The GPHG celebrates the next generation.

Mr. Karl Scheufele accepts an award on behalf of his sister, Caroline, who couldn't accept the award that day.

The dashing Rexhapi presents an award. 

All the winners.  The young and gracious Monsieur Arnault is carrying two awards on behalf of Louis Vuitton timepieces!  Louis Vuitton won the Diver's watch and Audacity watch prizes. 

For more coverage of 2021's GPHG, please click here: /

November 2021 saw the introduction of Miki Eleta's Svemir in its Mechanical Exceptions category.  It's obviously a clock and not a watch.  The jurors were so impressed with Miki Eleta's Svemir that for 2022 they started a whole new category! 

For GPHG's 2022 edition, there is a Mechanical Clock category.  All new for 2022.  This is Miki Eleta's Passage of Time, one of the finalists for the 2022 edition.

Good luck to all of our participants!  May the odds forever be in your favor! 

nafetS September 18th, 2022-20:15
Fun little game. I chose my personal favourites and not necessarily the watches I think will win each category. Aguille d'Or: Grand Seiko Kodo Constant Force Tourbillon Ladies': Chopard Alpine Eagle 33 Ladies' Complication: Chaumet Sous Le Soleil Creative Complication Timepiece Men's: zenith calibre 135 Men's Complication: PF Tonda PF GMT Rattrapante Iconic: GP Cas... 
patrick_y September 18th, 2022-20:57
Wow! Great selections! I would agree with almost every piece on your list! We've got a lot in common!
nafetS September 19th, 2022-16:44
And in some more cases your first pick would‘ve been my second Didn‘t choose the Chronometre contemporaine as mens watch just because it‘s not the original release. Also had to decide between the Chopard and Konstantin Chaykin for Ladies watch, but went for the chopard in the end.
patrick_y September 19th, 2022-17:00
My thoughts exactly... The Chopard ladies' was a close choice for me too. And yes, the Akrivia is more of a derivative of an existing watch.
Weems@8 September 18th, 2022-20:41
The GPHG Always a surprise. Thanks to the professional jury who study deeply the candidate watches. Very horological too. As it is interesting what WPS will do. Which watches we chose as the best of 2022? The categories copied. The new watches of 2022 who get the ... 
patrick_y September 18th, 2022-21:10
Ahh. Unfortunately that LF watch didn't make it to the finalists... Here are the finalists. But that LF watch is very nice indeed! Good choice Weems!
patrick_y September 18th, 2022-20:55
Hmm... My thoughts... 2022 GPHG Winners Aguille d'Or: Greubel Forsey Tourbillon or Seiko Kodo Tourbillon. Ladies': Konstantin Chaykin Harley Quinn - because why not? We all want a "naughty girl" every now and then to win something. This one is the watch you get for your girlfr... 
mdg September 19th, 2022-00:14
The 'hand/arm' trophy looks very odd... ...maybe it's just me : )
patrick_y September 19th, 2022-00:32
I never realized that until now! 
Gregineugene September 19th, 2022-01:41
It does have that sort of "Help! I'm Drowning!" look to it...  ... 

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