Duomètre : PART II - Future ??? ### !!!


This topic is based on enthusiasts' wishes, rumors and clues:

Despite the Manufacture's inertia, Duomètre enthusiasts have often come up with proposals, to no avail:

- Split chronograph;

- True second chronograph ;

- Quantième perpétuel ;

- UTT with black dial or aventurine / white gold or tantalum;

- Etc...

A new Duomètre was announced for late 2023, before being delayed with the confirmation that there will be no split... 

Nevertheless, it may finally be released in 2024.

Indeed, for several weeks now, Jaeger LeCoultre has been releasing teasers on social networks.

What can we see ?

Teasers  (Credit Jaeger LeCoultre):




Actual Calibres for Duometres (Credit Jaeger LeCoultre):



Regarding the teasers and the actual JLC Calibre we can observe :

- A rhodium-plated " german silver " caliber that replaces " maillechort ", suggesting that there will probably be a silver color for the case (steel, white gold, platinum, etc.);

- A movement mentioning " 42 jewels " instead of the existing "40 jewels" (to justify a significant price increase);

- A barrel identified as " Regulator " and another as " Hours/Minutes ", as well as a caliber shape reminiscent of the Lunar Calendar, but inverted in relation to the current caliber, which could lead us to believe that it is now a " Regulator" architecture for precision + " Complication(s  none ";

- No column-wheel clutch.

And what do the rumors say? 

Well, they speak of a single-pusher chronograph with moon phase (and not Moon Calendar, a priori), with :

- a "Steel" version - white dial, priced at around €70,000 ex VAT - Rumors confirmed by several people;

- a "Platinum" version with a salmon dial - a rumour also confirmed by several people, at a price - in my opinion - that will probably be in the region of €100,000 ex-VAT, given the differences that usually exist between a steel and platinum model.


My point of view regarding teasers and rumors :

Years of waiting for a probable overpriced model, not very coherent from my point of view (Steel) and with no real innovation.

This is personal : As I already have a chrono and a QL, so a PDL chrono, but I'll probably pass on this one, not without regrets...

You're going to say "it's all ??"...

Yes, in a way, even if knowing a little about the "Grande" Maison, I think they will also release a "wahoo" model... a crazy "one more thing", in very limited quantities and at a stratospheric price, just to be able to say "We are a Grande Maison" able to rival Patek...

I hope I'm not just talking nonsense... and that I'm not just mistaken or misled by rumors about new products...

Unfortunately, the policy of the watchmaking houses is gradually distancing me from new products... Jaeger LeCoultre, which used to have a special place, is no exception to the trend...

They're all forgetting that luxury is all about dreams and not just about returns via dial changes....

Questions and fears :

In view of the caliber presented in the teasers, we have a barrel regulator + functions.

But according to the information I've been able to obtain... the Duomètre to be launched is a QL/PDL + Chronograph.

Such a combination worries me:

- Either the caliber of the teasers is only a prototype and does not correspond to the final caliber (which is possible because I do not see the column-wheel clutch (Unless JLC plans to put a cam clutch ... in which case ... it will howl in the chaumières)

- Either the information I've been given about the future Duomètre and the photos seen at .... are bogus... (It's always possible, but I doubt it because I've cross-checked my sources).

But if it's the right caliber and they really are releasing a Duomètre Chonographe QL/PDL.... then in a way this amounts to killing the concept.

Let me explain:

On the caliber presented (German Silver), there is :

- a "Regulator" barrel whose energy is used solely for the regulator (as on the current QL) ;

- an "hours, minutes" barrel whose energy - If it's a PDL/QL chrono, this barrel will therefore be dedicated - logically enough - to several complications: Hours - Minutes - Date - Chrono - PDL/QL, which adds up to quite a lot, and consequently a lot of friction...

Let me remind you:

- Duo A Chronograph: 1 barrel for hours and minutes + 1 barrel for the chronograph;

- Duo Quantième lunaire: 1 barrel for QL hours + 1 barrel for regulator;

- Duo Universal travel Time: 1 barrel for hour minutes + 1 barrel for world hour minutes (GMT).

And this was sold during years as a perfect balance of Energy / Complication / Precision.

But if we have the caliber presented and the complications suggested :

- Either the new Duometre will be probably unbalanced, since there will be many more complications on a single barrel than the balance that has been put forward until now;

- Or JLC has managed a "tour de force" that allows the addition of these multiple complications on a single barrel without affecting the pre-existing balance, and I'd be curious to know how.

What's more, it doesn't matter which caliber... if the end result is a Duomètre QL/PDL + Chrono... and there's no explanation of the improvements that explain the possible addition of a chrono on the basis of the QL without disturbance .... well then : 

- Either Christian Laurent, JLC Master Watchmaker, has told us a lot of garbage during the presentation of the Duomètres to the Manufacture (Impossibility of adding certain complications, notably the chrono, without modifying the balance obtained)... which I doubt, given the great skill/knowledge of this gentleman... 

- Either the Grande Maison is now telling us some well-wrapped marketing nonsense....

I have to admit that I'm a little worried... but there's not much time to wait.

Besides, I'm all the more worried that in the latest teaser on "Précision Maker" and the Duomètre... the marketing people have put complications in the plural on the second barrel... 


As I love this reference, I sincerely hope I'm wrong or that Jaeger LeCoultre will give explanations that hold water....

it could be possible, because in the past, Jaeger LeCoultre has achieved another "tour de force" with the Duomètre à Grande Sonnerie... But it should be also remembered that this watch does not belong to the same range, since it was originally a Hybris mechanica".



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TeutonicCarFan April 7th, 2024-16:17
I hope they update this line 100k for a chrono, even in platinum makes no sense. That is brand new dato territory.
Alfihar April 7th, 2024-17:13
It would be very odd if they didn't renew this product line, given the teasers... For the 100 k€ in PT.. It's the Golden Ratio effect ;-) Best Ø
SCane April 7th, 2024-16:20
Bearing in mind that Duometre can be bought for 1/2 of today’s retail they will get a product that won’t sell. If they mark it at 100k$ for precious metal. 
Alfihar April 7th, 2024-17:15
I agree for the second hand price... but even at 100 k€ they will find clients (Not me ;-) ) Best Ø
iceheller 1945 ✌️ April 7th, 2024-16:44
They should do a self winding and maybe use peripheral rotor like CF Bucherer so as to maintain the aesthetic look of the double barrels. JMO
Alfihar April 7th, 2024-17:30
I think they've already done it with the Hybris Mechanica 11 Minute Repeater... I'll have to check, but if memory serves me right, JLC has already done it... I think they've already done it with the Hybris Mechanica 11 Minute Repeater... I'll have to check, but if memory serves me right, JLC has already done it...
andrea~ April 7th, 2024-17:27
JLC has been disappointing loyal customers for years I hope we won't be disappointed this time. The brand really needs to regain trust, and I don't think a 70k duometre will ever get the job done. It would be nice to see a steel 30-40k duometre (and that's pushing it), anything above is total madness (which... 
Alfihar April 7th, 2024-17:31
Unfortunately... Best Ø
A.G April 7th, 2024-17:29
I always loved Duometre line and I have been waiting for some interesting updates JLC used to be very hard to resist and some models actually were irresistible but lately with the prices hike make it easy to me to pass , anyways I can't wait to see what they are offering but I don't think I'm buying.
Alfihar April 7th, 2024-17:35
I love the Duometre line too... Maybe one of the best JLC line.. So I'm also going to see what they're offering... and for sure, at 70 k€ without taxes... I'm buying something other than a new Duomètre! Best Ø

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