Jaeger Lecoultre Gyrotourbillon One, Three and Five. The League of Extraordinary Watches.

There is a latin quote which says that God likes odd numbers. It seems that it is the same for  Jaeger Lecoultre and round Gyrotourbillons. 

Coincidence or nod to Jaeger Lecoultre's recent past? 

Indeed, since the Nineties, Jaeger Lecoultre is one of these rare brands to bring as much importance to rectangular and round cases, with the Reverso and Master lines, respectively. 

It is amusing to see that this phenomenon can be also found in the " Gyrotourbillon Line ", with the One (round case ), Two ( rectangular ), Three ( round ), Four ( rectangular ), and Five ( round ). 

Another impressive detail, the fact that in 15 years, since 2004 to date, we had the pleasure to see 5 different " Gyrotourbilloning " Masterpieces, the Five being the crown of this family, horologically speaking. Who else can do that, without forgetting that Jaeger Lecoultre issued some horological masterpieces, outside the Gyrotourbillon line ( Duomètre à Grande Sonnerie, Reverso à Triptyque, Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication to name only those... )? 

Let's see some pictures of these three horological wonders. 

1/ The Gyrotourbillon one ( 2004 ).


The platinum case is 43 mm big, 14, 9 mm high. Its Tourbillon is dancing in its aluminum cage, with its Breguet spiral.

The Gyrotourbillon is the main part of this watch, but we should not forget that is also is a Retrograde Perpetual Calendar (  date, month, leap year ), a superb Equation of Time, and a power reserve of eight days. 

The movement is the Cal 177, made of 679 parts, 117 jewels, 2 barrels, beating at 21,600 vibrations per hour.


The Gyrotourbillon One will always be very special, being the first of the line, at a time when several axis tourbillons were a true novelty, a revolution in the Tourbillon Universe,  and the first step for Jaeger Lecoultre in the universe of high end horology ( pocket watches apart ). Let's add that even the dial was something, translucent, original, young... One of Magali Metrailler's masterpieces, as she was in charge of the design of this watch.


2/ The Gyrotourbillon Three ( 2013 ). 


The third opus of the Gyrotourbillon received big changes. First, a new case, in platinum, but slightly bigger ( 43, 5 mm ) and thicker ( 15, 5 mm ). Due to the shape of the Master Grande Tradition, the case, despite its bigger and thicker size, looks more harmonious and elegant than the One. 

Then, the combination of complications. No perpetual calendar, here, but an awesome instantaneous minutes digital chronograph, and an anecdotal night and day indicator whose presence bugs me a bit in a watch of such a level.

The Gyrotourbillon is much different here, as it is flying, and most importantly, has a spherical heated blue spiral with two terminal curves. 


The movement is the Cal 176, made of 592 pieces, 82 jewels, 2 barrels and beats at 21, 600 alternances per hour, for 48 hours of power reserve, which receives a higher degree of finishings, and a different decoration for the bridges and plates, which are hammered, now.


3/ The Gyrotourbillon Five ( 2019 ). 


Do you want an even more exclusive Gyrotourbillon? The Five is for you. 

Exclusive it is, aesthetically, horologically, financially and in rarity, too. 

Its true name clearly reveals its true horological nature: Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpetual. 

I reviewed it recently, so I will just mention its main characteristics. 

We can say that it tops the Gyrotourbillon category, as it is: 

- A perpetual Calendar,

- A minute repeater with four hammers,

- And, of course, the Gyrotourbillon... With... A Constant Force. 

It only misses a chronograph to be a true Grande Complication! 

Here the Gyrotourbillon cage is made in titanium, at the contrary of the others whose cage is made in aluminum. It is also smaller, compared to the two others, the outer carriage of the " Five " being only 8, 8 mm big, versus 10, 23 mm for the " One " and 10, 24 mm for the " Three ".

The " Five " has a Breguet overcoil hairspring, like the " One ". 

The Perpetual calendar is more sober than the One, but Complete, as the One doesn't have the day. And it can be set forward and backward, which is a first for Jaeger Lecoultre. 

The Minute Repeater is super sophisticated, with its four hammers and gongs, playing the Westminster melody, without time lapse. Impressive. 

Impressive, also, is the level of movement decoration and finishings.

The Cal 184 is made of 1050 parts and 126 jewels, which has to be put in perspective with the size of the splendid new Master Grande Tradition case... A new case, which is stunningly wearable, thanks to its human dimensions: 43 mm big / 14, 08 mm high. 


This is the only Gyrotourbillon to use white gold... For a good reason: The sound propagation is better with this metal than with a platinum case. 

The only problems I can see with the Gyrotourbillon Five are its rarity ( 18 pieces for each dial, blue guilloché enamel and grained white ), and its price ( about three times more expensive than a Gyrotourbillon One or Three ). 


Before the unveiling of the Gyrotourbillon Five, my favorite was the One. Now I would say that the " Five " leads me to a delicious dilemma. 

Here is a family picture, to make you feel how terrific these round Gyrotourbillons are, and how crazy and talented this Manufacture is!


Looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts,



K-Lo February 6th, 2023-11:49
The one - In the middle for me!
amanico February 6th, 2023-14:41
Gyro Three. There is no bad choice, here, just dream option. 
K-Lo February 6th, 2023-14:57
Yes! A dream and a lot of $$$🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
amanico February 6th, 2023-16:47
That one, yes. 
andrea~ February 6th, 2023-13:48
All three are masterpieces I too favor the incredible complexity and deliciously ornate standard of finish of the Five, but the other two are just as worthy of praise. I've had the pleasure to see the One and the Three, and the flying Gyrotourbillon of the latter is hypnotizing
amanico February 6th, 2023-14:42
Hypnotizing is the good word. 
jmpTT February 6th, 2023-15:43
These three are fantastic watches As we progress from One to Three to Five, the case lines become more modern. I would have a hard time picking one of the three, as they're all stunning watches yet all three are imperfect. An online search reveals that the Gyrotourbillon One can be source... 
amanico February 6th, 2023-16:43
Yes, my friend, the Gyro One can be found at a good price, with a bit of luck and patience. 
bruckner4 February 6th, 2023-23:23
#2 for me, please... in my Gyro dreams.
amanico February 7th, 2023-07:37
Well noted. Santa? 

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