Jaeger Lecoultre Master Memovox: The Epitome of Elegance.

Let's think about it: Among all the modern Memovox, which one is the most elegant?
Yes, there is an evident subjectivity in this question, as elegance depends on our very own conceptions / criterias / taste / education, but I believe that the Master Memovox is, in my opinion, THE Epitome of Elegance.
A curious detail in JLC's recent history: The Manufacture offered the choice between a Manual and an Automatic Alarm watch for several years.
Indeed, while the Master Reveil ( Automatic )  had a quite long life ( 1994 - 2005, a bit more than 10 years ), it shared its existence with the Master Memovox ( Manual ) for several years, from 1996 to 2002, if I remember the period correctly.
Despite the complication, the Master Reveil and the Master Memovox are two different watches, actually.
As different as can be a Patek Nautilus and a 5070, in the Chronograph expression, or, if we use a car comparison, all the difference which exists between a Turbo and an Atmospheric engine.
The Master Reveil, in its former presentation:
In Rose Gold ( credit picture: EWC, if I am not wrong ) :

The Master Memovox is a less " easy " watch, with its smaller size ( it is " only " 36 mm big, while the Master Reveil is 38, 7 mm ), and due to the fact that it doesn't offer a date, and it is not an automatic movement.
Yes, for a lot of people, all those criterias count a lot.
 " Too small! Too fastidious to wind it every day! What??? No Date? At this price??? " are the kind of arguments we read and hear very often, right?
Let's see that in the details, with the help of some pictures.
1/ The Aesthetics: The Master Memovox is a fine work of Art.
To say it straight, the only thing I don't like on the Master Memovox is the crowns. I would have much preferred thinner / flatter ones.
The crowns, a bit out of proportion...

The case is 11mm high, which may appear a tad too thick, compared to the size ( 36 mm ), but it is mainly because of the shape of the case back. 
The profile of the case remains very elegant, with very pleasant beveled lugs, as you can see on the picture above.
To be complete, the distance between the lugs is 18 mm, and the original strap is slightly tappered ( 16 mm at the buckle ).
For the rest, what to say? The design is, in my opinion, and according to my taste flawless, with a great purity.
All the difference between a nice watch, and a FINE watch, which does not only have to be nice, but also refined.
The lack of Date contributes a lot to the purity of the 3 / 6 / 9 dial, which offers a nice balance.
The Dauphine hands, as well as the black dial, allow a satisfactory legibility.
The lack of date is one particularity, the other being the black dial, which, indeed, didn't exist on the Master Reveil.
While the silver dial also existed on the Master Memovox.
One strange thing is that we could think the black version is way rarer than thr silver one... In this case, it is totally ... WRONG!
Only one third of the Master Memovox production came with the silver dial!
Here a picture to be credited to Meertz of the elusive Steel Master Memovox silver dial:
The black dial is stronger, really eye catching, with a touch of life, due to these small red accents ( surrounding the 5 minutes luminous dots, top of the sencond hand and " Memovox " on the alarm disc, as well as the alarm triangle index ), while the white dial is more discrete, understated.

2/ The movement: The Cal 914 is a rare bird in the JLC Alarm watch production...
 ... I meant, in the modern production, because in the vintage alarm world, there were several manual wind movements ( Cal 489 / 814 / 910 and 911 ).
Nowadays, since the Master Memovox is discontinued, we have no manual alarm movement anymore.
The Cal 914 is not better or worse than its contemporaneous automatic brother, the Cal 918, it is just deliciously different.
Both have the same power reserve of 45 hours, both display the same superb sound, both beat at the pace of 28 800 vibrations per hour.
One is just automatic and provides a date, when the other is manual and is " dateless ", which makes a substantial visual difference.
To say all,  the Cal 914 is a 918 without its automatic parts, which has been confirmed to me by the Manufacture.
The Cal 918, whose gorgeous photo is to be credited to our dear Al:

The Cal 914, now:


Another approach, definitely.
The Master Reveil was a watch for Amateur, the Master Memovox was a watch for Connoisseur.
I do hope that Jaeger-Lecoultre will come back to this conception of alarm watches, and why not, in a Duometre version, which would reach another peak in the sublime.

andrea~ January 3rd, 2024-10:21
I agree, it's probably the best looking memovox out there 
amanico January 3rd, 2024-10:29
Vintage apart... ;) 
als1678 January 3rd, 2024-11:03
I have the rose gold version - more formal than the steel one but also beautiful. I would also add that the gong embedded in the sapphire crystal makes a huge difference - mine has by far the best sounding alarm of any watch that I have ever heard, not just among JLC. Very melodious, high end repeater like.
amanico January 3rd, 2024-21:24
Yes, I can witness that, too. Feel free to post some pics of this beauty! 
smironov January 3rd, 2024-22:01
Pics from internet  ... 
amanico January 3rd, 2024-22:03
More formal, not so sure... I find it uber cool, in this version. 
smironov January 3rd, 2024-22:14
I agree 
amanico January 3rd, 2024-22:15
Highly tempting, too, and I am not a colored gold guy, but here the small size works well with colored gold. 
als1678 January 3rd, 2024-23:00
Here you go!  ... 
amanico January 4th, 2024-00:04

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