Ultraman - This or that?

Its amazing to think there are 50 years between the 2 of these Ultramen and yet side by side they seem like brothers (rather than father and son).


I think they really did a great job with the Speedie Tuesday Ultraman, but in my mind the original holds the edge... even with all its battle scars from wearing over the years.


Cpt Scarlet March 6th, 2019-03:26
Great to see them side by side... How could you improve on the superb original version.
andrewluff March 6th, 2019-07:36
I agree.. but think they did a good job... not exactly copying it but putting in some nice touches. Cheers Andrew
Ares501 - Mr Green March 6th, 2019-03:47
Beautiful pair! And congrats on passing by 4K mark. Cheers D
andrewluff March 6th, 2019-04:09
Thanks! I see a certainly someone is almost at 27k..... Cheers Andrew
Jay (Eire) March 6th, 2019-03:51
This, for sure. I think even if both were brand new the less (orange) is more is something I like about the OG.  
amanico March 6th, 2019-07:05
You have both of them? Bravo. Once you get the original, getting the re editions is all fun, and much less difficult!  
andrewluff March 6th, 2019-07:34
Yes... I bought the original many years back only as it had an orange hand Cheers Andrew
amanico March 7th, 2019-01:00
Excellent. Congratulations, and ho lucky you are, since it seems that the original reached the sky, lately.  
andrewluff March 7th, 2019-01:32
Yes I think it is riding the wave with the new Ultraman and also after many years Omega are finally backing the fact that they issued some with the orange hand and are confirming them all now on the extracts. I was at Omega HQ a few months ago and they gave mine the tick of approval. Cheers Andrew
Arie - Mr Orange March 6th, 2019-07:24
⬅️ This Or that ? I’m still thinking: bracelet... ... 

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