Maybe 2012 will be your vintage year..?! ;)

Jan 02, 2012,04:24 AM

Maybe this year will be the year you start..?!


Thank you, MW!

I wish you and yours, all the best for 2012, my friend!




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Vintage Ads: The Series – Part #10 Early Memovox

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 29th, 2011-01:31
Hello Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Lovers, Sorry for the long absence, it has been some month with too much work and too little watches… Only a few days off during the Holidays – so what could be better than going deeper into the archive..?! Plus; I promised ...  

This post was your late xmas gift to us ...

 By: nilomis : December 29th, 2011-02:26
Blomman, Uau!! Already saved for present amusement and future reference. Cheers, Nilo

Yes, Santa got hold up in the North… :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 29th, 2011-13:47
But better late than never! Still have to cover the end 50’s – end 60’s + the funky 70’s! A lot of fun still ahead! Thank you for the compliment, Nilo! Best Blomman

Really great and in-depth post!

 By: watchme : December 29th, 2011-05:55
Is the size of the 3150 34mm? -Dean

34,5mm closer to 35mm

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 29th, 2011-13:51
The 3151 is 35mm. Thank you, Dean! Best Blomman

Heehh, my friend - What a nice end-of-the-year present, again !!

 By: hs111 : December 29th, 2011-06:44
A truly nice one again, Blomman - Lovely No 10 highlight, indeed ! - In a way, the KoM ( King of Memovoxes) is back again before the year ends, thank you - also for this travel to the begin of the MMV- beginnings ! Specifically liked the diversity of your... 


 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 29th, 2011-13:57
Well, thank you – very kind! But I know at least two guys in Paris that are more suited… You are right – I am back (for a short while). A few days off from work gives time to go deeper into the archive! Thank you for your always so kind ... 

Awesome post, Blomman

 By: respo : December 29th, 2011-07:27
These ads are fun to see and read. I love how you have pretty much every watch in these ads. LOL. Hope there is less work and more watches in the new year. Best, respo

I hope so...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 29th, 2011-14:02
I hope so too, Respo! Otherwise – how will I have time for watches..?! I wish you a happy end of 2011 and a great 2012, my friend! Best Blomman

" A perfect gift anticpates a need "... Brilliant.

 By: amanico : December 29th, 2011-07:35
JLC was very prolific withe the Memovox. Through years, the messages were brilliant, indeed, with the sempiternal " Reminds, warns, awakens ". It is also the opportuntiy to rediscover some other watches: On the ad from 1953, there is another superb watch,... 

A lot of interesting watches in these ads…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 29th, 2011-14:08
The disc date – absolutely! Did you notice the Triple Moon Face? So many reasons to come back to these documents… Thank you, my dear friend - the pleasure is all mine! Best Blomman

I bidded on this one, at the Paris auction... But it was under

 By: amanico : December 29th, 2011-14:38
The Reserve Price. DAMN! Best, Nicolas.

Too bad…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 2nd, 2012-04:19
Hopefully you will get it next time! Would love to add a Moon face - but right now I have to try to close some other themes first… Before starting too many new… Best Blomman

Great reading Blomman.

 By: grigo : December 29th, 2011-10:09
I wish you a happy new year and look forward to the next installement of your add séries. Best regards, George

Happy New Year, George! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 29th, 2011-14:11
Next year I hope to share some more “odd” stuff… Haven’t decided yet, but it might have something to do with cars…?! Thank you, my friend! Best Blomman

Like car clocks?

 By: grigo : December 29th, 2011-23:19

Something like that... ;) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 2nd, 2012-04:12
No message body

another amazing post, Blomman...

 By: FanFrancisco : December 30th, 2011-10:25
... thanks for this informative post, those vintage ads can serve us when collecting these Memovox in future. like your posts always, can feel the same and strong passion as you have!!! stefan

We are both under the Memovox spell, Stefan…!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 2nd, 2012-04:21
Passion and Pain… But, oh what a sweet pain it is! Thank you for your kind words, my friend! Best Blomman

re: vintage ads

 By: DRMW : December 30th, 2011-11:47
Another informative post! I was never into vintage but you keep tempting me to start looking. All the best for the new year my friend! -MW

Maybe 2012 will be your vintage year..?! ;)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 2nd, 2012-04:24
Maybe this year will be the year you start..?! Thank you, MW! I wish you and yours, all the best for 2012, my friend! Best Blomman

memovox help

 By: : March 11th, 2014-06:44
Hello, i would need some help with a memovox, it's a 18kt with "552025 memovox" on the back of the case. The dial shows a " jaeger le coultre" writing different from the stilysh logo and the caliber should be a p489/1. Can anyone provide some history of t... 

Didn't know anybody read this old post... :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : March 13th, 2014-14:49
Yes, as Nicolas said - please post a photo. Then it is easier for us to help... Best Blomman