Rolex naming convention rant

May 19, 2024,10:50 AM

Ok, I know I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this, and yes, this is partly just for the sake of some fun banter, but here goes. Does anyone else here find themselves disappointed at the name Datejust or Day-Date for those watch lines? I mean, yes, I get that those watches have just the date feature in addition to the time, or the day and the date, but that’s like putting “Perpetual Calendar” or “Chronograph” on the dial of a watch. We can see clearly that there is a friggen date or day and date on the watch already, thank you.

The GMT, Daytona, Milgaus…all fine. The Explorer, while a cool name, I’m not so sure, as what are you going to explore with just the time and how is it any different than any other time only Oyster Perpetual? But man, they should just rename the Day-Date the President and the Just the Date, the Vice President in my view. Also, I don’t like to have the word “just” on my watch, as it implies there’s something more upscale you could have purchased from them. 😆 Also, on a separate note, the silly nicknames like Coke, Rootbeer, Sprite, Pepsi, Batman, etc, I don’t like either, but at least they are not the ones putting those names on the dial, whereas Datejust is just not very imaginative. 

My President and my wife’s Vice President. LOL.

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I kind of like the names.

 By: gary_g : May 19th, 2024-13:01
These watches are so famous they have no need for fancy names.

I don’t know, I mean

 By: @wewannaporsche : May 19th, 2024-13:50
I think it would be cool to see Rolex Oyster Perpetual President on the dial. They can even make a special edition Platinum CEO version. J/K. 😆

I love that idea!

 By: gary_g : May 19th, 2024-14:08

Good one. ;)

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2024-14:51

I love Rolex names. They're simple and straight to the point.

 By: andrea~ : May 20th, 2024-12:16
I'm not so sure about the Vice President name... It undermines the importance of the datejust. More brands should follow Rolex's example when it comes to names.