Vintage Ads: The Series – Part #12 The Polaris / Concord ad – 1969 Class Reunion

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 19th, 2013-11:59

Hello Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Lovers,


Of all Jaeger-LeCoultre ads I think there is one we all know: The Polaris / Concord ad from 1969.



Three years ago I made this photo:



The ad is a printout from a scan.

The Polaris is the TT Polaris.


Close, but no cigar…


As you might have noticed, I tend to strive for perfection when it comes to watches.


Three years has gone and now I am able to show you this photo:



- The original newspaper ad from 1969.

- E 855 from 1968/69.

- E 859 from 1967.

- E 861 from 1969.



The Polaris is not from 1969 – I can live with that…


As for the Concord, since there is no longer any Concord in use I will have to find other transportation for the 1969 Class Reunion!


44 years later - Let’s go on a ship!




My father made this ship out of metal junk he had laying around…



E 855



E 859



E 861



OK, let’s have a closer look.


Class mate #1 – E 855, the classic:




The location of the Jaeger-LeCoultre text is more centred.

The pearl in the alarm arrow…



Class mate #2 – E 859, the icon:



Notice how pale the indexes are.



Class mate #3 – E 861, the funky rebel:



The beginning of the Funky Memovox line.



Q? Does anybody know reference E 862 – E 869?

Would love to know if they existed/how do they look like. Funky..?





Hope you enjoyed this reunion as much as I did!









Vintage Ads: The Series – Part #10 Early Memovox

Wow ! .. What a post., something to digest, enjoy and reflect about ! :))

 By: hs111 : May 19th, 2013-12:16
Just some quick line:
I truly enjoyed this one, and a lot indeed !

And the original ad is a true cherry on this cake;
Amazing for sure - I enjoy your quest for perfection,
my friend ..

- one Q if allowed: in which newspaper did this ad occur ?

To just briefly add, this triple is a marvel , completed by a sample of the original

So well done, happy for you, dear Blomman,
Best for this Sunday evening,

Sorry to say...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-00:12

I don't know which paper the ad comes from - found it on a auction site, single page only.

Thank you, dear friend!

I know you are working this theme as well...

Maybe you will show us your version of the Concorde ad one day..? 





If I judge by the background of the photos...

 By: Yves007 : May 21st, 2013-07:20

picturing your father's metal (craft)ship, you still have snow on the ground?

You must have had a great snowy winter.



Winter was not great... But, yes a lot of snow!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 21st, 2013-10:45

To be honest - the pics are a couple of month old...

I had all the components ready for this post for a long time.

Just lacked the time to put it together.




This is something I had in mind, some years ago.

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2013-12:17

To be able to gather the 3 Refs of the Concorde advertising, which must be the most famous ad in the JLC Vintage world.

And when you got your E 859, I immediately thought: " He will do it ".

You did it, indeed! wink

Superb post, my friend. I can imagine how proud you are to be able to gather these watches.



How could I resist..?! ;)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-00:16

We both know that this day would come, my friend!

You know me well - a oppertunity like this is too good for me to pass!


Yes, this is a trio that makes me very happy.

Soon I will show you this Polaris in the metal and you will understand my joy!


Best, and see you soon my friend!


Can't wait for that moment. you know how much I love them.

 By: amanico : May 20th, 2013-00:39

We'll organise a photo session, my friend. And it seems that it will be soon.



Yes! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-02:59
No message body


 By: DRMW : May 19th, 2013-12:22
I believe that there is a Concorde being restored in the Musée de l'air et de l'espace at Le Bourget airport in Paris.  You should see if it's there and take a pic with the advert and the trio of JLCs!


Yes, we have a Concorde, but I don't remember if it is at RCDG, or at the Bourget. [nt]

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2013-12:23
No message body

re: RCDG or Bourget

 By: DRMW : May 19th, 2013-15:37
Hopefully you can find out for blomman if the Concorde is actually there, it would be perfect and rare opportunity to complete the photo.  It would be one bada$$ pic!


Hmm yes, but he would neeed 4 arms. One for each watch, + one for the camera. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2013-23:22
No message body

Yes, Vishnu/2 .. The Viking special Vishnu .. LOL ;)

 By: hs111 : May 20th, 2013-01:18

LOL [nt]

 By: DRMW : May 20th, 2013-01:30
No message body

What a challange! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-00:18

Hm, I will see - if possible, that would be an awesome pic!



Best, my friend


=P [nt]

 By: DRMW : May 20th, 2013-01:27
No message body

I love that ship!!! [nt]

 By: Miranda : May 19th, 2013-12:23
No message body

Thank you, "Mirnada" :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-00:24

Will tell my father that !



Best, my friend


You took your time but this post is a classic ...

 By: nilomis : May 19th, 2013-13:57

I admire your love and dedication to Momos but you always find a way to take this to another level.

My sincere congratulations.

You should create an electronic book with all of your posts of this category.



Funny, but the original ad was the one hardest to find!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-00:36

The watches are of course not easy to find and fund, but the original ad...

To find that one is pure luck!


Thank you, my friend - interesting idé, maybe one day I will try to make a e-book.




Next step: skydiving!

 By: Marv : May 19th, 2013-14:24
Congrats for this gathering and arrangement. A superb trio, a great performance!

I am looking forward for the next step: skydiving wink


Well, I think our blomman has the pieces to play that game too. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2013-14:27
No message body

Na, still miss the small clock and the add...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-03:32

Have similar clocks but not that ref...

And the will enven more problematic to find!

When I have them I also need to have a parachute certificate!



Best, my friend


What??? something you don't have in the Vintage JLC World??? ;)

 By: amanico : May 20th, 2013-03:46

Belive it or not... Yes, still miss some... But I am working on it ! ;) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-10:16
No message body

This is actually a much more interesting ad!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-03:19

Thank you, Marv!

The ad you show us here is actually much more interesting.

Three watches - three different calibers!

825, 916 and if I don't remember incorrect the small travel clock has cal 911 inside.

The E 872 was one of the first Memovoxes using the full rotor caliber 916.

Do you know if E 870 Snowdrop was the first to use this caliber?

You are a man with a lot of interesting documents - do you know the exact year of the ad?

1969 or 1970?


Best, my friend



I'm not sure if I should be amazed by the watches or the ad first.

 By: Ruckdee : May 19th, 2013-17:59
But I am very glad to see your dream is realized. Awesome!


Thank you, Ruckdee! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 20th, 2013-03:35

Yes, one of my dreams came true!


Unfortunately, I still have many unfilled dreams...

Or should I say luckely?!

What would life be without dreams...?!


Best, my friend


Superb post...

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 20th, 2013-04:50
.....what history. What dedication!! deserve such great watches!

Many thanks for this fascinating post
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