Rolex Daytona 116500 LN Black or White? I finally know which one is my favorite.

During my stay in Valencia, I could visit a Rolex Shop and, lucky me, they had the Steel Daytona with the ceramic bezel, in black. 


Then, in another Rolex shop, I could see the white dialed brother:  
Finally, I could compare both of them, in the metal. 

On pictures, I was not able to say which one was my favorite. I had a slight preference for the white, I must say, but the black pleased me, too. 

In the real, that is another story... For a small but important detail, at least for me: The ring of the subdials. 

The white dialed version has a strong and neat contrast, due to the black rings of the counters, while the contrast on the black version is more, way more subtle. The rings would have been white rather than silver, my dilemma would have been cruel. 

I find with the black dial what I didn't like on the 116520 " black ", these rings... 

While the white 116500 LN caught my attention, and most important, my heart. 

Yes, I fell in love with that one. At an unexpected level. 

The Daytona Zenith 16520 remains my favorite, but the 116500 LN White will be a very good second Daytona, for me. 

I used to say that the 16520 was a " best of both vintage and modern words ". The 116500 LN white goes farther, with its black ceramic bezel. 

Before judging a watch, it is mandatory to see it in the flesh. This Daytona reminded me this platinum rule. 

I am so convinced that I know I will have it, one day. 

I wouldn't bash the black, though. My thoughts reflect my own tastes. As previously said, some pure white sub dial rings would have lead me to consider it, as well. Because the black dial is strong looking, but it lacks contrast, from my own point of view. 



maverickmahesh February 26th, 2018-01:01
IMHO... the white dial brings the contrast well & is much sportier - which suits the character of Daytona. as you say, that is purely to personal taste ! Best, mahesh.,
amanico February 26th, 2018-01:06
+1. A personal preference, which can only been found with a real experience. Thanks, Mahesh.  
Tyo February 26th, 2018-01:15
Both were available for sale?  
amanico February 26th, 2018-01:22
No. Already on hold, as expected.  
Tyo February 26th, 2018-01:38
I’ve ordered one white one year ago. I talked to my AD who promised delivery before June the annoyance of this pseudo rarity and wait is taking precedence over the desire to have it ... 
amanico February 26th, 2018-01:40
Well, I can bet you will be very happy when you receive yours.  
Tyo February 26th, 2018-02:04
We will see but I’m not sure I will have it before next year  
amanico February 26th, 2018-03:13
From what I heard, they receive one per month...  
KamalRostov February 26th, 2018-01:47
Thanks for your thoughts Nico.  I have a similar take on the two, but I'll have to remember the platinum rule...
amanico February 26th, 2018-01:49
Keep us posted, my friend.  

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