Rolex: Identifying a Top 10 "Daily Wearer" from the neo-vintage era 1990-2010

Baron - Mr Red
Over the course of 2018, I wrote a number of articles that aimed to put together a list of Rolex that were no longer in production but were from the post 1990 era. The aim was to  identify watches that are cool in their own right, great references, modern and robust, but with a twist - an element of rarity. To my mind, it was marrying the concept of a daily wearer with a twist. I wanted my “most desirable” list to be priced in a $5000-$20000 range, with the majority of the watches in the bottom half of that range.

Well, the list was compiled slowly over the course of last year. It is now time to recap on that list and summarise it. I don’t think there is a point in calling it a Top 10 as that will imply that No.1 is somehow “better” than No.10. So, I will produce the list randomly so that no inference will be made. I am attaching the links to the six articles I wrote last year in case anyone wishes to re-read any of it as all of the 10 watches are encompassed in those six articles.

To re-iterate, the aim of the list is to provide members with watches that I consider to be outstandingly cool beaters at a price that is not crazy. The watches will represent what I think is a fantastic value to rarity ratio.

No.1:  Reference: 16610 LV “The Kermit”

No.2:  Reference: 16760 “The Fat Lady”

No.3: Reference: 16700 (Swiss)

No.4: Reference: 16700 (Swiss made)

No.5: Reference: 16710 (Swiss)

No.6: Reference: 14060 (Swiss)

No.7: Reference: 14060 4-line with Long F - “The LGF”

No.8: Reference: 16570 (Swiss) “The Red Sox”

No.9: Reference: 16710 (Stick dial)

No.10: Reference: 168000 “The Zubmariner”

Vintage Rolex is so often all about the minutiae. Well, its not just the vintage era that has this issue. Even the modern variations of Rolex have minute differences that can differentiate. Basically, I have three main references that I collect; Patek Philippe, Rolex and JLC. I see Patek Philippe as a manufacturer that specialises in high end complications. I see Rolex as a manufacturer that produces great tool and sports watches. JLC is a different category for me as it is there for sentimental reasons. Hence, for a Patek collector, I see great sense in finding Rolex that act for me as great everyday wearers. But to be honest, the problem with an everyday wearer is that it can become quite boring. My hope for the above list is that it ticks enough boxes of interest to act as an everyday wearer that retains loads of fun and interest…..with that twist of rarity.

 1) 16610LV                       /

2) 16760                            /

3) 16700,16710,16570,14060 /
4) 16710                           /

5) 14060                            /

6) 168000                          /


amanico March 1st, 2019-01:23
The most under rated certainly is the 16570. But it is worth a serious consideration. Very interesting list, Joe.  
Ares501 - Mr Green March 1st, 2019-01:30
Don't do that to me! :))  
amanico March 1st, 2019-01:37
It is an easy game to get one!  
Ares501 - Mr Green March 1st, 2019-01:43
Not so easy to get one I wanna :)  
Baron - Mr Red March 1st, 2019-02:54
Exactly...its about finding that special 16570, right? With the RedSox?  
amanico March 1st, 2019-03:51
Which one do you want? Something like that?  ... 
Baron - Mr Red March 1st, 2019-04:14
You need to read the article!  Focuses on the "Swiss Only" aspect
amanico March 1st, 2019-05:14
Well, this is a Swiss, with ONLY a T< 25. ;)  
Baron - Mr Red March 1st, 2019-05:17
ypu could....and my reply would be..... cool watch, but not as rare as a pureblood Swiss Only (data taken from when i did the analysis) ... 
amanico March 1st, 2019-05:19
True that I didn't see many...  

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