WristScan - Host Review “Target Acquired”

Cpt Scarlet

Hello dear friends !

I hope everyone has enjoyed this edition of WristScan with our “Target Acquired” theme.

For this edition of WristScan we have a change to the regular results format.

As your host, I have reviewed this weekend’s posts and I hope you enjoy the review.                         

The change is due to the fact that everyone that posted has chosen watches that they recently acquired, how can we choose a winner when we are all winners !          

Please take the time to visit the WristScan thread to see all the watches and the dissussion around them.

We had many superb watches posted and I for one was inspired by so many of the watches and stories, both vintage and contemporary. It also struck me that we have such a diverse collection of watches within our community, something that should be celebrated in a world dominated by big brands.

As host I kicked off the proceedings with my newly acquired target, the Tudor MN21, a watch fast becoming a community favourite. If any of you are considering this watch my advice is pull the trigger !

NT931 was hot on the thread with his 1964 Citizen Jet Autodater and on the original Beads of Rice bracelet. I have a similar bracelet on a couple of watches including a Doxa and they are always comfortable on the wrist and very practical.

Ludi was next up, showing us his vintage Wyler, matched with the perfect svintage look strap. As we all know,the choice of strap makes all the difference to a vintage watch and can make or break the final look. We should also take this opportunity to congratulate Ludi/Fred on his 50thbirthday, just take a look at the incredible birthday cake in the photos !

TutonicCarFan joined us with the interesting story and photos of his latest Laurent Ferrier. This is a watch that draws me in and I’m sure it would be a real pleasure to own and use on a daily basis, when would it ever look out of context ?... not many watches you can say that about.

HS111 arrived with a good selection of recently acquired pieces, but one stood out for me, the increasingly collectable and desirable Patek Philippe Aquanaut. Its another example of a watch that looks good in any situation.

Timeout posted, sharing a series of superb wrist shots that made me stop and just enjoy the photos of his newly acquired targets. The first shot of his Speedmaster was very cool and then several more watches were revealed as I scrolled through his post, each one made me smile. Please take a look and judge them for yourself. End result is I think I need a Moser Streamliner in my life !

Stoikos showed us how a static shot should be done with a rarely seen Daytona, well played you would surely have been in contention for best static shot with this one.

Subexplorer, Abel posted a stunning shot of his Rolex newly arrived GMT-Master, another contender for Best Static Shot. Good to see this one finally on your wrist dear friend ! The story of the Speedmaster MK40 is one that we could all possibly learn something from. Thankfully it all worked out in the end.

Ivan5 joined us this weekend with a single photo of a staggering line up of targets acquired. Take a look at the Half Time by Ludovic Ballouard, it’s an extraordinary watch with incredible finishing.          I was slightly disappointed that Ivan only had eleven newly acquired watches and we have twelve months in the year… what will he find for December ??? … watch this space !

Watchonthewrist never disappoints when he posts on WristScan and this weekend was no exception. The epic AK06 from the workshop of Rexhep Rexhepi is a joy to see, just take a look at this one. Personally speaking, this would be a serious contender Watch Of The Week. Congratulations again on acquiring this superb piece.

JML showed two different ends of the collecting spectrum, one modern and quartz and a one vintage piece from GP. This is surly the true joy of watch collecting and has little to do with the thorny issue of watch values.

Chronometer (Yacomino) had me with both of his newly acquired watches, a perfect combo for any collector. Firstly a beautiful Lange Up/Down and then a new Rolex Explorer. This could be the perfect real world solution for a two watch collection. Just add a G-Shock for the odd dubious location !

Fernando surprised me with his latest acquisition, the retro influenced Chronograph from Bunkyo – Tokyo. It only arrived yesterday, a stunning looking watch. Good shot Fernando !

Halkcb has recently acquired a new Cartier and it certainly hit the spot for those of us that love this elegant and classic Cartier design. Enjoy !

Jrwong23 showed us his personal grail watch that he finally acquired this year, the sensational Lange Datograph… Congratulations !.. he then followed it up with a very cool Piaget Polo Skeleton !!

Jim40 shared the news that he had tracked down an original AP Montoya. This is watch that I would love to add to my personal collection, as I missed it the first time around. Congratulations on hitting on this one Jim and guess what, after all the searching it was found at a local dealer.

Weems answered our call for WristScan again this weekend, with the news that he has acquired three new watches this year, one of which is a Revue Thommen Airspeed. This watch uses the dependable Sellita movement to good effect.

SF made us all smile sharing a glass of beer and the unique style of the Alan Silberstein / Louis Errard collaboration. Fabulous watch and very appropriate in the crazy times that we live in.

Enjoythemusic shared his latest uber cool Panerai that wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction film or Studio 54 !... just take a look at his creative photos of this watch.

Sfwatchlover has pulled the trigger and bagged one of the best Genta designed watches available today. The Octo isn’t just about style, the ultra slim movement is a sheer marvel of modern design and manufacture. As for the dial, its stunning !... I just hope you can add the Pascal Coyne Series 2 to your collection in the near future !

Count de Monet made quite an entrance (doesn’t he always !) with the beautifully made Lange 1815 Moon phase. Its dial is sublime and the gold case looks simply perfect, complementing the rich blue in the moon phase. Delightful !

NoH solved one burning question, what happened to all the stock at Patek Phillipe Salons. Now we all know, as he showed us three very tasty targets that he had recently acquired in quick succession.

Turbaboom has fallen for the charms of the Breguet La Tradition, a long term target that has finally been acquired. Well worth the wait !

Ninolitaliano has a watch that any fan of diving will instantly recognise, the new Jacques Bianchi Diver. I love the heritage of this watch and commitment that made it a reality via a crowd funding project. The icing on the cake was the Pascal Coyon Series 2 that he acquired in April, classic independent style. 

Dr No always manages to make me redouble my efforts in the search for vintage Omega watches and he did it again with his latest target acquired, a stunningly beautiful Ref 2493 Chronometer. We can all learn something from Art and his passion for vintage Omega.

Cazalea is another member of our community to hit on the cool recent design from Alan Silberstein / Louis Errard collaboration. It’s a watch that makes the day just a little better when you look at the dial and we all need that in our lives !

Gregineugene shared his passion for vintage diving watches with his early 60s Zodiac Sea Wolf. I love these vintage diving watches and this one doesn’t disappoint. Take a look at the details on this watch, especially the crown.

GS Skyflake  joined in and showed one of my favourite Grand Seiko editions, the Sky Flake. The dial is uniquely Grand Seiko and so imaginative.

Well friends that just about wraps it up for this edition of WristScan and I hope you take the time to look at the “Target Acquired” thread for all the photos and comments.


Have a great week ahead and keep well

Best Regards

Captain - WristScan Editor 


Stoikos November 29th, 2021-15:50
Cpt, these are all very, very thoughtful reviews from the heart. Well done and thank you. 
Cpt Scarlet November 29th, 2021-16:33
My absolute pleasure … And thank you for sharing your superb Daytona with us this weekend on WristScan.
TeutonicCarFan November 29th, 2021-16:33
Comprehensive review! Nice topic! It was lovely to see new targets and hear some back story. - Kevin
Cpt Scarlet November 29th, 2021-16:38
I always think it’s … Not just the watch, but the interesting stories that go with them that I personally enjoy. I really must get an LF soon, so that I can tell you about the journey and the near miss with one that I almost acquired ;-))
TeutonicCarFan November 29th, 2021-19:16
Indeed Would be good to hear. Wearing it on the weekend, that case shape is so elegant. At 40mm it is the limit of what I like for that type of watch, but the case is so smooth it works well.
Cpt Scarlet November 29th, 2021-19:54
Thank you for your opinion… It’s much appreciated.
Chronometer (aka yacomino) November 29th, 2021-16:38
Quite the summary dear Captain! I love your approach for this theme judging and you had me at: "we are all winners" with our respective latest acquisition! Cheers! 
Cpt Scarlet November 29th, 2021-16:51
Winners in life … What more can anyone ask for 🥂 Don’t forget to get a G-Shock one day ;-))
Chronometer (aka yacomino) November 29th, 2021-18:59
Cpt Scarlet November 29th, 2021-19:04

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