'Prime Day'

 By: DRMW : July 15th, 2015-00:03
Anyone stay up for the Amazon 'Prime Day' sale?  It's supposed to be bigger and better than Black Friday but with many things it could be all hype.  

A few of my friends signed up for the free 30 day Prime trial period so they can get in on any deals that might happen.  IMO it includes TV, movies, music, Same Day or free 2 day shipping, so its worth the membership.  


shop shop..

 By: ocwatching : July 15th, 2015-10:33

not being too productive at work...

the GoPro Hero 4 Black bundle was very tempting...

it's been a dud so far...

 By: DRMW : July 15th, 2015-13:30
I think it is a ploy to have people sign up for Prime (reminds me of the cellular industry many years ago when they first started to offer free minutes and text, it got you hooked on using it).  

Hint:  If you are looking for the latest GoPro find someone who is attending a photo/video/electronics convention trade show (WPPI, NAB, CES, etc..) where they have a booth, they always have codes for a very nice discount, you have to pay sales tax in California for buying straight from them but it's still the best deal.


There's never any deals on the stuff I want to buy :P [nt]

 By: AnthonyTsai : July 16th, 2015-06:27
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I think..

 By: DRMW : July 16th, 2015-10:50
I didn't buy anything, no deals on anything I wanted either.  I think it was a ploy to get new people to sign up for Prime.