Gino´s Dream


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Elegante watch. And so, this year’s Salon was dedicated entirely to the watch that has grown from controversy in to an enormous success for the brand.

 I was able to see and try the “Gino´s Dream” in Geneva.



I got a sneak peak of the prototype for “Gino´s Dream” in the beginning of last year, so I have been excited to see how the production piece would turn out. There has been a slight re-arrangement of the colors but the biggest surprise was that F.P. decided to use last year’s release, the Titalyt model with the black dial for a second iteration of the piece.

The first time saw the “Gino´s Dream” I was quite surprised. Particularly as it is not introduced in the women’s version of the Elegante where other gem set versions of the elegante already exist but only on the bigger 48 mm for men. Of course, it immediately made me think of Rainbow Daytona’s and also what Patek are doing with their many gem set releases currently.

This was until I was explained more about the watch and including the fact that it is meant as a tribute to Francois-Paul´s best friend and business partner my understanding changed somewhat.


F.P. with Gino Cukrowicz

Gino Cukrowicz

Gino Cukrowicz was F.P.s best friend and a co-founder of Montres Journe. He was a “larger than life” personality with a big heart and a very flamboyant dress style.  A person who is very well known among the watch industry titans as a person of courage, vision and with a very big heart.  Sadly, Gino passed away three years ago. 



“A watch to have fun with”

The setting on the bezel are NOT precious stones but artificially made Glass -Ceramic. The intentions with this watch are to do something more casual and flamboyant. The Ceramic Glass ensures to keep the cost low. The price is about 34.500 CHF + tax which is double the amount of a regular Elegante. So you are basically paying for the stone setting work which is done as traditional stone setting by hand.  In other words, this is a watch to have fun with and use regularly. A rather unusual take by F.P. But he also loves to surprise and perhaps even provoke some of us.

I can appreciate this approach when it is combined with the Quartz movement of the Elegante. The Elegante is a light and fun piece that is easy to wear.

I was so lucky to meet Gino Cukrowicz, and I can totally see the link between the person and this piece. Fun and larger than life with a big and welcoming smile. He would sometimes dye his beard blue for extensive periods. He would wear crazy outfits and always huge diamond earrings. …..And he would get away with it because he had charisma and charm…. He was genuinely very COOL!




Those of you who know me, will know my fondness for muted and dark colors. (I take pride in being boring)  

As such, I am not the target audience for this watch. Honestly, I would never have the balls to pull this off. However conservative my personal style may be, I can still admire and appreciate flamboyant people. Heck, the world needs them to shake us up!

As such I really like “Gino´s Dream” And how it reflects the unusual personality of Gino. For the “larger than life” personality like he was it is the perfect piece. It’s a watch that celebrates life and fun with energy and colors. You really feel that when you are holding the piece in your hand.

The two versions of the watch are very different. My personal preference goes to the titanium with the white dial. I feel it’s more neutral appearance lets the colors stand out more.

To my surprise many preferred the darker color. Someone I met had ordered the Titalyt version on a dark grey strap. I’m sure that could work also. The Titalyt has a more masculine appearance.  


And when we are talking colors there are plenty of strap options to play with for your Elegante.


Yours truly, wearing my Elegante "Gino style with a yellow bracelet" as I do every summer. This is as daring as I will ever get.

- ChristianDK

Extract from the press release about Gino:

François-Paul Journe pays tribute to his friend Serge Cukrowicz, co-founder of Montres Journe SA,

and introduces the Gino’s Dream

In the world of watchmaking, certain names resonate with particular intensity. Serge Cukrowicz, a man of passion and character,

known to all as Gino, was one such figure.

Born on June 20th 1959 in Antwerp (Belgium), he was the son of Sammy Cukrowicz, a renowned diamond dealer. From an

early age, he developed a fascination for watchmaking thanks to the Flik Flak watches his father gave him. In 1987, he cofounded

the Ginotti Jewelers boutique, derisively calling himself “CET” (Chief Executive Timekeeper).

With his flamboyant dressing style, Gino never went unnoticed. He favoured bright colours and out-of-the-ordinary outfits. He

always wore his élégante on a yellow bracelet, as well as a host of accessories, including his famous diamond earrings. These

choices reflected his approach to life, colourful, lively and full of passion.


Known for his frankness and humour, he had a gift for building genuine relationships with people - collectors, colleagues or friends. He

was not afraid to share his opinions, valuing independent watchmakers in particular for their ability to innovate, their authenticity and their

creativity. He respected the singular contributions of those craftsmen who went off the beaten track.

At the turn of the 1990s, at the Basel Fair, he came across François-Paul Journe wearing his first tourbillon and remontoire wristwatch and

tried to buy it from him, but to no avail... Gino immediately recognised the genius behind the work. This meeting marked the beginning of a

friendship, but also of a future collaboration.

After the presentation of the Tourbillon Souverain in 1999, he joined forces with François-Paul Journe and Philippe Rabin to found Montres Journe SA. 

His role as a partner was significant in the development and expansion of the brand, which has benefited from his

experience, his network and his ardour. The management strategy of the trio of partners was based on the systematic reinvestment of

profits into the company and on collegial decision-making.

What journeys and adventures they had together! Travelling the world for the inauguration of Boutiques in Tokyo and Hong Kong, press

conferences in the Middle East and roadshows in the United States.

His relationship with François-Paul Journe was based on mutual trust and unfailing friendship. His unwavering commitment helped

to shape an environment in which the watchmaker was free to express his vision of contemporary watchmaking, closely linked to the

golden age of horological science. When asked “What is your dream for F.P.Journe?”, he replied: “It is to be able to participate in the realisation

of François-Paul Journe’s one.”


Named in his memory, François-Paul Journe dedicates the élégante Gino’s Dream to him, a model directly inspired by Gino’s vibrant

temperament. The bezel is adorned with a gradation of 52 baguette-cut stones in rainbow hues, and the strap, in yellow, echoes his colourful


The creation of the bezel reflects the expertise of Boîtiers de Genève, a Manufacture belonging to F.P.Journe. The colours of the ceramic

glass stones have been rigorously selected by François-Paul Journe to achieve a perfect balance. They are then set with a precision of

one hundredth of a millimetre. The result is a harmonious composition that captures and reflects the light.

The fully luminescent dial, originally developed in white and then in black by the Cadraniers de Genève workshops, ensures remarkable

legibility in the dark. The 48 mm case in Titanium, a material chosen for its lightness and resistance, has a Flat Tortue® shape. The Titalyt®

version, recognisable by its anthracite colour, has undergone an electro-plasma oxidation treatment to assert its distinctiveness within

the élégante by F.P.Journe collection. The versatility of this watch makes it suitable for all styles, from casual to formal.


amanico May 2nd, 2024-21:03
Aaaah, Gino. I had the pleasure to call him a friend. And to spend some time with him. A great man. 
ChristianDK May 2nd, 2024-21:28
Yes, not too many of his making, sadly. This world has less space for the originals. Thanks for chiming in my friend.
amanico May 2nd, 2024-21:53
A real pain. 
Derreck May 2nd, 2024-22:26
Great write up thank you Christian. I didn’t know of Gino and how important he was for FP Journe, this post now put the new gem set elegante time pieces to a new perspective for me and gave them meaning. Regarding you, I don’t think your style is muted or is composed of dark colors at all, ... 
ChristianDK May 3rd, 2024-04:03
I think you are confusing me with our other member “Christianch” as I don’t own these watches. 🙂 I insist on being boring 😉
Derreck May 3rd, 2024-09:09
Sorryyyyy 🤦‍♂️  
ChristianDK May 3rd, 2024-17:05
Haha dont worry at all 🤗👍 ..and thank You for your kind post, none the less. Have a great weekend 🤗🌞
Derreck May 3rd, 2024-17:34
Thank you, you too! 
ChristianDK May 3rd, 2024-18:04
gary_g May 2nd, 2024-23:53
I love all things FPJ.  And I understand the history and the sentimental notion of this. But this isn’t for me.

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couple of years ago I ordered this timepiece...I asked the watch maker to keep only hours hand and take-off the sub-seconds.... I gave him a hand sketch made by my son and asked him...if he could do something with it ! and this is what he did ! also having 1 lug makes it different - like wearing a dial gauge or instrument and not a timepiece ! Not the most expensive but emotionally the most valuable timepiece in my collection ! end of the day...this hobby is all about emotions, friendship, personal milestones ... .

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