Dubai Watch Week Starts 16-Nov-2023!

The festivities for Dubai Watch Week are about to begin!  Who from WatchProSite will be in attendance?  


Dubai Watch Week is an amazing event put on by the Seddiqi Group, a major jewelry and watch retailer in the United Arab Emirates with the franchise for major brands like Chopard, Rolex, and Patek Philippe in the Dubai region.  The Seddiqi Group puts on this event to educate their clients and to educate watch lovers from around the world about watches.  The event is an event designed for consumers and is not a trade show.  Dubai Watch Week is also attended by watchmakers and clockmakers from all over the world as well - and in a rare occasion that is normally reserved for buyers and industry-personnel, consumers can meet the celebrity watchmakers in person!  There is no other place where consumers can meet dozens of famous watchmakers all at the same place!  

The event centers around Horology Forums, which are basically discussions and debates between industry experts who share their views about the current state of affairs in the watch world.  These will be recorded and put onto YouTube as well - if you want to follow along virtually.  

There is also a "Main Hall" where watchmakers meet and greet consumers who come up to them!  Attendees can ask their favorite watchmakers questions and get answers from the brand directly.  

Not convinced that you should be coming to Dubai Watch Week?  Well, in the middle of the pandemic, in November 2021, I got onto three different flights to take me from USA all the way to Dubai at a time when travel was very risky due to the pandemic.  And despite all the challenges, I have to say, it was completely worth the trouble.  Today, in 2023, the pandemic is coming to an end and travel is much less risky than before and it's a great time to come to Dubai Watch Week!  The week-long event is THE TOP trend-setting event for watch collectors IN THE WORLD.  Definitely an event to put on your list!  

enjoythemusic November 15th, 2023-14:17
Plus you can wear whatever timepiece you desire without fear of being robbed :) 
patrick_y November 15th, 2023-18:34
That is a BIG PLUS! 
mdg November 15th, 2023-18:04
I tried to get a ticket under the name 'Sheik Yerbouti' but was rejected... 
patrick_y November 15th, 2023-18:34
Just go under your own name next time! They'll let you in!
mdg November 15th, 2023-18:39
But my name isn't funny : ) 
ArmisT November 15th, 2023-22:17
patrick_y November 16th, 2023-04:15
Oh, I just figured that out now! Yerbouti. I see.
mdg November 16th, 2023-04:41
Here you go...
patrick_y November 16th, 2023-04:43
Yeah, it took me a while to figure that one out! Can I blame the jet lag?
mdg November 16th, 2023-04:56
Yes you can... 

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