Hentschel H1 Chronometer P 20 / Zenith CP2 P15... And WatchProSite 25?.

As you well know, these are two of our creations, made and issued to celebrate the 15th and 20th Anniversary of our website. 

We started from an existing watch and tried to " spice it " a bit, in order to make it according to our taste and the taste of our Community. Yes, these were watches made by us, for us, but mainly for our Community, for you all. 

For the Zenith CP2 P15, we worked on a detail on the dial, and a personalized decoration on the movement. The detail on the dial? Changing the " automatic " mention for a more appropriate " Cronometro ", reminding that the original version of this chronograph was issued for the Italian Army Pilots. 

On the Hentschel, we decided to go for multi layers of lacquer to give the dial a pleasant depth, reminiscent of an enamel dial, but at a much more affordable price. We also opted for navy blue numerals and a red 12 to give some life and to increase the overall appeal of this watch. 


On the backside, we decided to mention the name of our virtual home. 


While only one of these two is a Chronograph, both are Chronometers which is something important for our team. 

And both of these movements are stunning. The Zenith is the famous El Primero, while the Hentschel is manual winding and white gold plated! 

These two are giving us some more ideas for new Watchprosite Watches. Most probably for our 25th Anniversary, in 2026. 

Indeed, the difference with other media lies in the fact that we don't want to play the card of special watches for us, we are not a " merchant site ". We want to keep them  exceptional and meaningful. 

A small note or reminder about the few other watches we had four our website: The St Gallen, a selection of watches four our 10th anniversary ( Bulgari, Montblanc Villeret, Royal Oak Tantalum and a few others ). 

One which is really special is the Chopard LUC Chronograph 1963 PuristS' Edition, in steel, 50 pieces, which was issued in 2014: 



One thing is sure: These watches of ours have a special taste and are dear to our heart! 

That's why we should start to work on a WPS 25! Some names come to my mind, such as Habring, Chopard, Omega, Ulysse Nardin, Montblanc... In fact, I was thinking of two: One below 10 K euros and one around 30 K Euros...  



Lfptk May 1st, 2024-07:31
I’am with you !!! 
amanico May 1st, 2024-07:31
On? :)))) 
Lfptk May 1st, 2024-18:40
On everything in general! 😉…but specially on « One below 10 K euros and one around 30 K Euros. » 😉 
amanico May 1st, 2024-20:07
Noted, mon ami. Thanks for your feedback. 
Lfptk May 1st, 2024-20:12
I would be very interrested ! 
amanico May 1st, 2024-20:12
You will be in the pipe line. ;) 
hmd4m May 7th, 2024-14:34
Me too please! Thank you Nicolas🙏 
amanico May 7th, 2024-21:40
Thanks for your support. 
jlux May 1st, 2024-08:09
That would be great to have a special 25th anniversary watch. My suggestion : UN with a +- 10k price range. Here I would take a slightly personalized version of the Marine Torpilleur ....of course without the date !!! Best, Gerard
amanico May 1st, 2024-08:25
That's the one I am thinking of, when it comes to Ulysse Nardin.  ... 

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