What about RGM???


After reading Art's previous post makes me ask: Why not much discussion about RGM?

What the heck, American made so our almost nothing dollar is actually worth a buck.

Although I have never seen an upper-end one in metal so how bad are they or are they?

As our economy contiues to tumble these are going to be more realistic, yes? Miki

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MTF January 24th, 2008-07:41
Whilst remaining politically correct Miki, The AHCI forum was originally founded on ThePuristS to give (then few) unknown AHCI members exposure to the watch world. It was simple then because the AHCI founders maintained quality control over which candidates could become members. Much was bas... 
MikiJ January 24th, 2008-09:18
Thank you for your detailed and intelligent answer, however... you are also aware how the determination to be one of the "Five Great First Groths" was made. Just a thought, Miki
MTF January 25th, 2008-07:38
Quite right; fashions change...only change is constant (nt) 
1440 January 24th, 2008-09:55
Adequate MTF wrote: " Let's say a moderate horology brand (making value for money but only adequate watches) appears on this forum directly or indirectly, do we allow that because it lowers the standards of the forum........discuss: " I'm not sure what exactly con... 
MikiJ January 24th, 2008-12:54
Considering what $1,000.US buys today... 
DaveB January 24th, 2008-17:06
Hope this helps. Hi Miki, I met Roland and his staff last year and he has a nice, well equipped atelier. Like a lot of small watchmakers, he uses good quality suppliers for his watches and does the assembly, regulation and testing in-house. He is developing a new movement... 
DonCorson January 25th, 2008-11:51
There is no way around it... That Hamilton 921 is a real looker. The way it completely fills the case is also impressive. From the back¨ 1A what does the dial side look like ?? Don
DaveB January 25th, 2008-15:58
Here is the dial side... This has a three steps or levels on the dial: The outer minutere and hour ring, the center ring and sub second dial. Nice use of satine circular hour ring and frosted center. This is really different than the other RGM dials and designs. I think it is one... 
Dr No January 27th, 2008-09:19
Thanks very much for posting pictures of my upcoming watch, Dave . . . 
MikiJ January 25th, 2008-07:20
That's why PuristS rule! 

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