A three watch collection from the current Rolex range

Baron - Mr Red
As we approach Basel and the anticipation of what Rolex will unveil for 2018, it occurred to me that it would be a useful process to take a look at the current range and pose a question: If I could have just three watches from the current collection, what would they be and why? The exercise here is to create a three-watch collecion from the current range.

As I approached the website, it struck me just how diverse the offering from Rolex is. It is enormous. It has something to match the taste of most. Now the question is how should I select just three watches from this array of offerings?

It goes without saying that personal taste must play a big part in the process. I am relatively conservative in taste and tend to shy away from anything that attracts too much attention to my wrist. A dress watch is a dress watch and can be more “dressy”, but for an everyday watch, I prefer my watches to be less blingy. What defines bling? Naturally, everyone has their own view on that one too. So, with these caveats in place, what factors would impact my decision on selecting “just three”.

  1. I would want to have a diversity of complications across the three.
  2. I would want the three to have very different personalities so that wearing each would provide a different experience.
  3. I would want the three to have something special about them…a factor that really drew me into the watch.
  4. I would want the three to be in my ideal size range of 38-40mm.

With those criteria in mind, my three picks (in no particular order) would be as follows;

Cosmograph Daytona

At 40mm, this is around my perfect sized sports watch. Containing the caliber 4130 (the in-house movement that was first introduced in 2000), this self-winding chronograph is in great demand. I have chosen the black dial because I enjoy the white metal/black dial contrast from an aesthetic viewpoint. I also feel that the white dial is a little more extroverted for my taste. Where the white dial has flamboyance, the black dial has more power. To my mind, it looks and feels a stronger watch. For a three watch modern collection, this Daytona would definitely make my podium.

GMT-Master II

Also at 40mm, the GMT would be an ideal compliment to the Daytona. Bringing a truly useful complication to the stable, the GMT could be seen as a must-have watch. The caliber 3186 automatic movement is a truly robust movement, suiting a travel watch. The difficulty in selecting this watch is that it is not a cheap version. Coming in white gold, this GMT prices significantly above the steel version. Having said that, the pepsi ceramic bezel is very alluring. At first, I was not sure about the colouring, but as time has passed, I have found it more and more attractive. I can imagine staring at this watch on a trip.


The third watch in my “trilogy” would be the Milgauss. Also at 40mm, the Milgauss brings some quirkiness to the collection. The lightning hand and the green tinted sapphire make it the quite the Rolex maverick. With the automatic  caliber 3131 inside, the watch is built like a tank. The Milgauss is one of the tool watches I love within the Rolex range. Originally designed for scientists, its practical use has been superseded by advances in technology. Yet, the tool nature of the watch remains intact. Quirky, reliable and most definitely bringing something different to the table. Also sized at 40mm.

Yes, with these three I have covered many bases. My selection criteria are checked. Three different complications. Three distinctly different personalities. And three watches that have something very cool about them. Each in their own way. Sizing-wise, they all come in around what i see as my ideal range.

So, ahead of Basel, these three would be my top picks from the current range. It will be interesting to see how the new offerings compare and how they might alter my thinking regarding my current preferences.

Obviously, everyone will have their own ideal trilogy from the current range based on their own specific selection criteria. It would be interesting to see how others view it.


Miranda March 8th, 2018-08:45
Ok, I will play  ... 
amanico March 8th, 2018-10:31
I am sure about two... The 116900 Air King, The Daytona 116500 LN White: And the Rolex GMT MASTER 116710 preferably steel case / red and blue insert: The Air King, because it is a watch with a true meaning, The Daytona Ceramic White because it is uber cool, and the GMT MASTER b... 
Baron - Mr Red March 8th, 2018-23:19
I hear you about the WG GMT...... steel, its a no-brainer
amanico March 8th, 2018-23:29
Yep. Let's keep fingers crossed... Even if I have some doubts.  
Miranda March 9th, 2018-02:54
Unlikely but coke.... who knows The reason coke maybe easier to manufacture is that the process maybe similar to the blue black The red blue is difficult to make Effectively you start with a green bezel that you add pigments that when heated turn either blue or red But with blue black y... 
amanico March 9th, 2018-03:20
Ah, here it would be totally different, and doable, without frustrating those who paid big amount of money to get the White Gold pepsi!  
Miranda March 9th, 2018-04:13
Yep, would be lovely if they can!  ... 
Baron - Mr Red March 9th, 2018-04:48
that would be fun....... ......and plausible
Baron - Mr Red March 8th, 2018-23:18
what economist's call "effective demand"  
Francoamerican March 8th, 2018-08:50
White Face Steel Daytona, No date steel sub, smooth bezel steel oyster perpetual 36 A subtle dress watch, and two of the purest current "tool" watches

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